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And now ? After all that has happened... having devastated the planet and exploited our brothers, tried to exterminate humanity with arms and save ourselves from a global pandemic, after having pushed the limits of our knowledge while bringing our wastes to the edge of space...what remains of mankind? What future do we still believe in?

RED LIGHT is the reflection of a period, a time of disillusioned globalization. It is a critical situation where the multiple alarm signals should push us all to change things. 60 Miles echoes these concerns. Not through "engaged" music in the political sense, but simply by evoking the pulse of this society. 60 Miles cannot do other but feel the vibration of its time and share it through its tools, namely the poetry of sounds and the power of the imagination.

In a period when all the usual processes are unsure, where the place of music is particularly put into question and the existence of many artists seems threatened, 60 Miles have released against all odds their latest album: RED LIGHT. Like an alarm signal that resonates from the intimate to the other side of the planet.

You can check it out on every digital platform or order your copy here.

Nicolas Gerber (piano & rhodes)

André Hahne (bass)

Philipp Leibundgut (drums)