Welcome on the website of 60 Miles

At a time where the Western world is finally becoming aware of the climate catastrophe it has generated, is it still possible to reverse the situatiuon? Can we concretely change something on our scale? And does music have any role to play in that?

To these questions, the three musicians Nicolas Gerber (piano), André Hahne (bass) and Johan Wermeille (drums) can only provide the answer of poetry and creativity. But maybe we should start there?

On the road since 2015, 60 Miles has criss-crossed Europe, China, Japan, Brazil and Argentina. Currently the trio presents its fourth disc entitled “Ice Scream”, released on February 18, 2023.

You can order your copy here.

Nicolas Gerber (piano & rhodes)

André Hahne (bass)

Johan Wermeille (drums)