60 Miles

jazz trio


The Swiss trio 60 Miles did not take its name from a decade surely very rich in jazz, neither from a certain trumpeter with an emblematic silhouette (among others). But…

But it’s certainly jazz that 60 Miles propose. In our day, does a jazz still exist that refers only to itself and is nourished only by its own tradition ?

60 Miles choose to create its own music, inspired as much by Charlie Parker, Keith Jarrett or Avishai Cohen as Led Zeppelin, Radiohead or Beethoven. A music formed in the great tradition of the trio, but without the usual codes. A music where the rhythmic games take the principal place, between the fascination of the numeric abstraction and the enjoyable celebration of the ambiguity.

After the release of his first record " ... Ou à raison" on Altri Suoni in 2015, followed in 2018 by "Last Summer", 60 Miles has played in Switzerland, France, Germany, Poland, China, Japan, Brazil and Argentina. The trio is currently preparing its third album.

But why 60 Miles ? A question of space, but finally also a question of time…

As was said by another celebrity (but without trumpet) « the world is fix, in balance in a space of dimension four ». And Switzerland is not so big.

Nicolas Gerber (piano & rhodes)

André Hahne (bass)

Johan Wermeille (drums) / Luigi Galati (substitute drums)