60 Miles

jazz trio


The Swiss trio 60 Miles did not take its name from a decade surely very rich in jazz, neither from a certain trumpeter with an emblematic silhouette (among others). But…

But it’s certainly jazz that 60 Miles propose. In our day, does a jazz still exist that refers only to itself and is nourished only by its own tradition ?

60 Miles choose to create its own music, inspired as much by Parker, Jarrett or Cohen as Led Zeppelin, Radiohead or Beethoven. A music formed in the great tradition of the trio, but without the usual codes. A music where the rhythmic games take the principal place, between the fascination of the numeric abstraction and the enjoyable celebration of the ambiguity.

After publishing their first album « ...Ou à aison », (Altri Suoni / 2015) 60 Miles have played in Switzerland, France, Germany, Poland, China (Beijing / Dalian / Xiamen / Changsha / Shenzhen / Guangzhou) and south America (Brazil / Argentina). At the moment the trio is presenting the new record: « Last Summer »

But why 60 Miles ? A question of space, but finally also a question of time…

As was said by another celebrity (but without trumpet) « the world is fix, in balance in a space of dimension four ». And Switzerland is not so big.

Nicolas Gerber (piano & rhodes)

André Hahne (bass)

Johan Wermeille (drums) / Luigi Galati (substitute drums)